You can cancel the rent (move out) on any working day of the month.

This can be done verbally, by telephone, by e-mail, in writing (writing a letter) or online via this link.

(We are sorry because it isn't in English yet. We will make an English version as soon as possible. You can always ask us for help).

Maasvallei will send you a written confirmation of this cancellation.
Please be aware there is an one month notice! So the notice period is at least one month.
During the notice period, you have to pay the rent and you remain entirely responsible for the rented property.

We will send you a written confirmation within two working days. With this confirmation we also send you a date proposal for a first inspection of the house or room. During the first inspection we make agreements with you about the state of your room, about changes that you have made yourself (these may remain in many cases) and about things that you can offer to a next tenant for acquisition. The agreements which where made are checked again during a final inspection. At the latest within four weeks you will receive from Maasvallei a final bill of amounts still to be paid and / or a amount you will receive (for example: settlement of rent, repair costs, settlement of service costs).