The firm Wessels will make on behalf of Maasvallei  the facade frames of the complex on the Cruyshaag more sustainable this autumn . We hereby ask your attention to the following.

What is the sustainability of your apartment?
• The window sash(s) and any balcony doors are renewed,
• The single glazing is replaced by insulating HR ++ glazing,
• The skylight (upper glass) is replaced by fixed glass with a ventilation slide or becomes one placed suskast (= a sound-proof ventilation slide),
• The outside frames of the apartments themselves are retained,
• The old asbestos-containing windowsill(s) are replaced,
• The exterior frames and wings will be paint both on the inside and the outside.

What will happen in the short term.
This work is carried out under the direction of Firma Wessels, the subcontractor Firma Peulen Timmerwerken will start measuring the
frames and glazing of all houses. She will contact you for an appointment.
If it is not possible by phone, this firm will take a few moments during the recordings on the spot to ring the doorbell of your appartment or you receive a note in the letterbox for a recording at your home. After this, the firm Peulen can order the materials.

What happens to the asbestos-containing windowsills.
Before the coming holiday period (mid-July 2020), the houses where the asbestos-containing windowsills are still there, they will be removed. This will take half a working day per appartment. We will inform residents with further information.
Your cooperation is necessary for this!

When do we start with actual sustainability.
The intention is that we will start replacing the rotating parts, glazing and ventilation sliders / cabinets in the beginning of September. This takes 2 consecutive working days per address. However, if the asbestos-containing windowsill is still in your appartment, the total work will take 3 working days.
This is partly done from the outside, for which a (scaffolding) facade temporarily becomes a scaffold placed.
If everything goes according to plan, the work can be be completed in mid-November

Is there any nuisance?
During the execution of these activities, nuisance cannot be avoided. Think about dust, noise and people on the floor and in the building. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Are measures taken in connection with the Corona Virus?
The contractor follows the applicable measures that RIVM has drawn up. The safety of residents and employees is paramount.

Test houses and work in vacant houses.
At the time, this plan was already in place at four houses (Cruyshaag 94D-118- 60C and 104B) executed. Of these 4 addresses, only the exterior painting needs to be done executed.
In the short term (about 4 to 5 weeks), 12 new mutation homes will have the
sustainability work already carried out. It should also be here later this year
outdoor painting still to be carried out.

What can you do for us?
Firma Peulen will contact you shortly to make arrangements for surveying
of the window sashes and the glazing. We ask your cooperation for this. Please respect these appointments. If you are unable to meet a specific date, please report this in time.
You will also be approached for the earlier remediation of the asbestos windowsill.

Where can you ask for more information?
Please contact Mrs M. Duchateau or Mr L. Bastiaens on phonenumber 043-3683702. Or you can click on the button below his page, "Want to know more? Then just contact us!"
As soon as work starts we will let you know who the contact persons are during the implementation and you will receive more information via Firma Wessels en Maasvallei.
We count on your cooperation! Thank you for that.

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