Service charge


Service charge

Tenants of an apartment building are faced with service costs. These are costs that are shared jointly. Think of costs for the maintenance, cleaning and lighting of corridors and stairwells and maintaining the green area. In some complexes the costs for electricity, gas and water are also charged via the service costs. In these complexes the rooms do not have their own meters for water, gas and electricity.

Normally you will receive the amount of the service costs before the 1th of July in a certain year. The amount you receive then is for the calendar year preceding that. So, for example, on July 1th 2019 you will receive the service costs bill for the 2018 calendar year. You will therefore receive a specified statement of your actual costs and your paid advances each year. If there is a shortage you have to pay extra. If there is a surplus you will receive this back. Every year we also check whether the advance has to be adjusted.

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