The  painting company Megens intends to carry out the exterior painting on the concrete elements and the entrance door. The plastic frames of the building on Lakenweverstraat will be also cleaned. This also includes your (room) apartment and the ones of your housemates. The painter will start in the middle of April 2020 and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks for the entire building.

Fa. Megens will announces himself to you.

Most of the work is carried out from the outside and takes place according to the rules of the RIVM, so keep your distance, minimize contact with each other, etc. The painters will follow these rules. If you do not want it that they are going to work on your home, because of the coronavirus, we will respect this and work on your home will be carried out at a later stage.

Why continue working?

We believe it is important that companies continue to work with responsible activities for as long as they are responsible, so that they do not run into problems with bankruptcies and layoffs.
We also want to maintain the maintenance of your home as much as possible.

If you do not want work on your home, please call the painter company Megens, you will find the number on the letter he leaves in your postbus.

If you have further urgent questions, please contact mr. Pim Houben van Maasvallei on 043-3683725 or by e-mail:

Hoping for your cooperation and understanding.

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