Subject: Maintenance of Suskasten Nassaulaan 1A01 to 5C22, 13A01 to 17D32.

This year maintenance / repair is planned on the suskasten of the Nassaulaan complex. This concerns the suskasten of the 40 student units with the house numbers. 1A01 to 5C22 and 13A01 to 17D32, except 1B12 and 13D32.

What are susboxes? These are ventilation grilles with increased soundproofing. These are used according to regulations in facades of buildings where there is heavy road traffic.
In the Nassaulaan is one suskast per room / appartment located on the street side Nassaulaan and Regentessenlaan. You can find these in the outer facades, these are the brown-colored square units next to the windows.

The firm Aarts Glas (phonenumber) 0433610199 will carry out this maintenance and will shortly make an appointment with you for a recording at your home or for work on the suskast.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding for any inconvenience.